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Han Hsieh

Han Hsieh was born on September 23, 1922 in China. He is an actor and assistant director, known for Master of the Flying Guillotine (1976), One-Armed Boxer (1972) and A Touch of Zen (1971).

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Sep 23, 1922 In China
Movie/TV Credits:
First Appeared:
In the movie Shao nu fu lu ying
Latest Project:
Movie Guo fu zhuan 1986-11-12
Known For
Poster of Master of the Flying Guillotine
Poster of Hu pao xiong di
Poster of One-Armed Boxer
Poster of A Touch of Zen
Movie The Brave and the Evil Unknown 2019
Movie Young Hero of Shaolin Unknown 2019
Movie Wu hu si hai Unknown 2019
Movie Gold Constables Unknown 2019
Movie I Revenge for My Son Unknown 1992
Movie A Home Too Far Unknown 1990
Movie Feng yu cao chang Unknown 1989
Movie Shen yong fei hu ba wang hua Unknown 1989
Movie Flag of Honor Unknown 1987
Movie Lai Shi, China's Last Eunuch Unknown 1987
Movie Never Kiss a Ninja Unknown 1987
Movie The Kinmen Bombs Unknown 1986
Movie Heroic Pioneers Unknown 1986
Movie Xiong di you zhong None 1986-02-17
Movie Tian long di hu Unknown 1986
Movie Guo fu zhuan None 1986-11-12
Movie Zhu li ba wai de chun tian Unknown 1985
Movie An An None 1984-08-25
Movie The Wheel of Life Unknown 1983-02-18
Movie Hei mei gui None 1983-02-23
Movie You huo Unknown 1983
Movie All the King's Men None 1983-02-17
Movie Huan tie xiong di Unknown 1982
Movie Yu mian zhi zhu Unknown 1982
Movie Xue zhan da er dan Unknown 1982
Movie Feng kuang shao nu ying Unknown 1982
Movie Portrait of a Fanatic Unknown 1982
Movie Du wang qian wang qun ying hui Unknown 1982
Movie Hu tu nu si ji None 1982-03-29
Movie Hui yan shi ying xiong Unknown 1982
Movie Shi Jie None 1982-07-27
Movie Fighting Life Unknown 1981
Movie Zhi ye xiong shou Unknown 1981
Movie Shanghai Massacre Unknown 1981
Movie Shei gan re wo None 1981-02-20
Movie A Man of Immortality Unknown 1981
Movie Zhong shen da shi Unknown 1981
Movie Ming jian feng liu Unknown 1981
Movie Shou zhi ao chu Unknown 1981
Movie Jie du Unknown 1981
Movie The Great Cheat Unknown 1981
Movie Xia gu ying xiong zhuan None 1980-10-23
Movie The Mask of Vengeance Unknown 1980-07-05
Movie Devil Design None 1980-08-23
Movie The Frogmen None 1980-10-23
Movie Woman Avenger Unknown 1980
Movie Da di qin qing Unknown 1980
Movie Guningtou da zhan Unknown 1980
Movie Mo li hua Unknown 1980
Movie Lantern Festival Adventure Unknown 1979
Movie Ninja Massacre Unknown 1979
Movie No One Can Touch Her Unknown 1979
Movie Shaolin Tough Kid Unknown 1979
Movie Du guo chou cheng Unknown 1979
Movie Demon Strike Unknown 1979
Movie In the Beginning None 1979-02-21
Movie Gone with Honor None 1979-07-21
Movie A Massacre Survivor Unknown 1979
Movie Challenge of Death Unknown 1979
Movie Deadly Confrontation None 1979-03-23
Movie The Dream Sword Unknown 1979
Movie Hero of the Time None 1979-02-14
Movie Huang jin kong que cheng None 1979-02-19
Movie Du cheng feng yun Unknown 1979
Movie Drunken Dragon Strikes Back Unknown 1979
Movie Zui yu zui ha zui pang xie Unknown 1979
Movie Jue dou zhe de sheng ming Unknown 1978
Movie Immortal Warriors Unknown 1978
Movie Fatal Needles vs. Fatal Fists Unknown 1978
Movie 60 Second Assassin Unknown 1978
Movie Militant Eagle Unknown 1978
Movie Tian ya wei gui ren Unknown 1978
Movie The 72 Desperate Rebels Unknown 1978
Movie Return of the Tiger None 1978-04-07
Movie Woman of the Hour None 1978-03-16
Movie Lady Karate None 1978-03-29
Movie Dual Flying Kicks None 1978-06-08
Movie Invincible Swordswoman Unknown 1977
Movie Heroes of the Eastern Skies None 1977-03-06
Movie Men of the Hour Unknown 1977
Movie Bai Yu Jing None 1977-02-14
Movie The Face Behind the Mask Unknown 1977
Movie Master of the Flying Guillotine Unknown 1977-02-01
Movie The Invincible Superguy None 1977-06-04
Movie The Devil's Owl None 1977-02-14
Movie Duel in the Desert Unknown 1977
Movie Along Comes the Tiger Unknown 1977
Movie Wang chun feng Unknown 1977
Movie Shen dao liu xing chuan Unknown 1977
Movie Du bi dao da zhan du bi dao Unknown 1977
Movie Bandits, Prostitutes and Silver Unknown 1977
Movie Return of the Chinese Boxer Unknown 1977
Movie Fists of Fury II Unknown 1977
Movie Nan quan bei tui zhan yan wang Unknown 1977
Movie Shao Lin Kung-Fu Mystagogue Unknown 1977
Movie Attack to Kill None 1976-04-07
Movie Everlasting Glory Unknown 1976
Movie Yue ya er None 1976-02-16
Movie Ba bai zhuang shi Unknown 1976-07-10
Movie Zhong yuan biao ju Unknown 1976-01-01
Movie Tiger Cliff Unknown 1976
Movie Fu chou zhe Unknown 1976
Movie Lü si niang chuang shao lin Unknown 1976
Movie The Killer Meteors Unknown 1976
Movie Bao biao Unknown 1976-10-21
Movie He's a Legend, He's a Hero Unknown 1976-10-07
Movie The Savage Killers None 1976-08-05
Movie Shao nu fu lu ying Unknown 1975
Movie Great Hunter Unknown 1975
Movie Yin shen da fa shi Unknown 1975
Movie Bao Gong qi an None 1975-06-05
Movie Feng liu shi ba che Unknown 1975
Movie Heroes Behind the Enemy Lines Unknown 1975
Movie The Dragon Killer None 1975-02-16
Movie Dragon Squad Unknown 1974
Movie The Tongfather Unknown 1974
Movie Shaolin Long Arm Unknown 1974
Movie Chi qing yu nu Unknown 1974
Movie Chi ren jing Copperhead 8th master 1974-06-25
Movie The Sword Unknown 1974-07-17
Movie Zhong guo guai tan None 1974-04-15
Movie Hu dan zhui hun None 1974-03-04
Movie The Furious Avenger Unknown 1974
Movie Bamboo Brotherhood Unknown 1974
Movie Da mo tian ling Unknown 1974
Movie The Flying Tiger Unknown 1973
Movie Shi duan gao shou Unknown 1973
Movie Fists of Shaolin Unknown 1973
Movie Kung Fu Mama Unknown 1973
Movie Ten Fingers of Steel Unknown 1973
Movie Fast Fists Unknown 1973
Movie Tie han Unknown 1973
Movie Beach of the War Gods Unknown 1973
Movie Imperial Tomb Raiders Tsao Lao-szu 1973-04-10
Movie Win Them All None 1973-06-28
Movie Flight Man Da Tao 1973-10-24
Movie Hu pao xiong di Champion 1973-02-16
Movie Operation White Shirt Unknown 1973
Movie Chi shou kong quan Sumio Yamamoto 1973-02-17
Movie Knight Errant Thief 1973-02-10
Movie Chao Zhou da feng bao Unknown 1973
Movie Bi hu you long Unknown 1972
Movie Furious Slaughter Unknown 1972
Movie Kuang feng sha Unknown 1972-03-02
Movie Bloody Struggle None 1972-05-30
Movie Fury of King Boxer None 1972-07-06
Movie Chou None 1972-05-27
Movie The Invincible None 1972-04-12
Movie Meng si hung feng None 1972-03-30
Movie Tough Duel Unknown 1972-02-12
Movie Hei chi hei Unknown 1972
Movie Girl of the Night Unknown 1972
Movie Royal Fist Unknown 1972
Movie One-Armed Boxer Unknown 1972
Movie The Invincible Sword Unknown 1972
Movie Luo ying xia None 1971-07-29
Movie Shi wan jin shan Unknown 1971
Movie Ci man wang Unknown 1971
Movie Rider of Revenge None 1971-04-08
Movie A Touch of Zen Unknown 1971
Movie The Magnificent Chivalry None 1971-07-22
Movie Xue shou guan yin Unknown 1970
Movie The Grand Passion Unknown 1970
Movie Hei xuan feng Unknown 1970
Movie Four Moods Unknown 1970
Movie The Bravest Revenge Unknown 1970
Movie Jian wang zi None 1970-01-09
Movie Long hu feng yun Unknown 1970
Movie A City Called Dragon Unknown 1970
Movie Tie niang zi Unknown 1969
Movie Duel at Black Dunes Unknown 1969
Movie A Valiant Villian Unknown 1969
Movie Lady Lee Unknown 1969
Movie Hei feng ling Chin Chen-wu 1969-02-07
Movie The Bride and I None 1969-02-18
Movie Jian zhong zhi wang Unknown 1969
Movie Shi san mei None 1969-06-05
Movie Cui ping shan Unknown 1969
Movie Black Invitation Unknown 1969
Movie Qing guan None 1968-02-17
Movie The Last Day of Hsianyang Forest posse leader 1968-02-13
Movie Yi dai jian wang Unknown 1968
Movie Fei zei None 1968-03-29
Movie Knights of Old Cathay Unknown 1968
Movie Dragon Inn Unknown 1967
Movie Diao Chan yu Lu Bu None 1967-02-22