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Pak-Kwong Ho

Pak-Kwong Ho is known for his work on Ginger Snaps (2000), Mimic (1997) and The Corruptor (1999).

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Movie/TV Credits:
First Appeared:
In the movie Wei Si Li zhi ba wang xie jia
Latest Project:
Series XIII: The Series 2012-06-29
Known For
Poster of Ginger Snaps
Poster of Mimic
Poster of The Corruptor
Poster of Liu mang ying xiong
Series Yellowthread Street Unknown 2019
Movie Ha luo, ye gui ren Unknown 2019
Movie Tai fong siu sau Unknown 2019
Movie Little Mad Guy Unknown 2019
Movie Kun Lun san sha shou Unknown 2019
Movie Tie quan xiao zi Unknown 2019
Movie Miao jie shi san mei Unknown 2019
Movie Liang shang jun zi Unknown 2019
Movie Ngoh wai hing kong None 2019
Movie Love Birds None 2019
Movie Painted Faces Unknown 2019
Movie Jiang shi da nao xi men ding Unknown 2019
Movie Dan yuan you qing ren None 2019
Movie Mad Mission Unknown 2019
Movie Girl with Cat's Eyes Unknown 2019
Movie Return of the Cuckoo Unknown 2015
Series XIII: The Series Unknown 2012-06-29
Series Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures Unknown 2010
Movie My Wife Is a Gangster 3 Unknown 2006-12-28
Series Street Time Unknown 2002-06-23
Movie Get Over It Unknown 2001-03-09
Movie Ginger Snaps Unknown 2001-05-11
Series Relic Hunter Unknown 1999-09-20
Movie The Corruptor Unknown 1999
Movie Mimic Preacher 1997-08-22
Movie Erotic Ghost Story: Perfect Match Taoist Priest Ho 1997-11-06
Movie Wong Kok cha 'fit' yan Unknown 1996
Movie The Vengeance Unknown 1995
Movie Mo deng long zheng hu dou Unknown 1994
Movie Shen feng Miao Cui Hua None 1994-03-14
Movie Jing hua rou bo jiang jian dang Unknown 1994
Movie Black Spot Unknown 1994
Movie Lun Wen-Xu lao dian Liu Xian-Kai Unknown 1994
Movie Bak mooi wong hau Kau 1993-04-14
Movie Top of Lady Sword None 1993-05-12
Movie Zhi ming jin gang quan None 1993-06-17
Movie Jue zhan Tian Men None 1993-02-08
Movie Xin ying zhao nu lang Acupuncturist 1993-08-05
Movie China Girls Unknown 1993
Movie San du tou qing Unknown 1993
Movie Battle in Hell None 1992-02-26
Movie Sex and Curse Hotel manager 1992-09-10
Movie Xue ran hong chen Unknown 1992
Movie Killer Flower Unknown 1992
Movie Sha shi chong dong None 1992-12-10
Movie Ai ye nu peng you None 1992-04-03
Movie The Plot None 1991-05-11
Movie Zhuo gui zhuan men dian None 1991-07-06
Movie Sei dou yau waak None 1991-08-31
Movie Wei Si Li zhi ba wang xie jia Unknown 1991
Movie Biao ge wo lai ye None 1991-12-06
Movie Daughter and Father None 1991-07-09
Movie Hua jie shen nu None 1991-02-14
Movie Ye sheng huo nu wang - Ba jie chuan qi Unknown 1991
Movie Tian di xuan men Unknown 1991
Movie The Banquet Unknown 1991
Movie Po jian ji xian feng Unknown 1991
Movie Yan gui kuang qing Unknown 1991
Movie Jin pai shuang long Unknown 1990
Movie Legend of the Drunken Tiger Unknown 1990
Movie Coupe de Grace Unknown 1990
Movie Chi lang jie Unknown 1990
Movie Dou shi sha xing Unknown 1990
Movie Shui ling long Unknown 1990
Movie Hei hai ba wang hua Unknown 1990
Movie Mr. Coconut Unknown 1989
Movie Hua gui you xian gong si Unknown 1989
Movie Fu xing chuang jiang hu Unknown 1989
Movie Cheng shi pan guan Unknown 1989
Movie Ye ji qing None 1989-12-07
Movie Meng hu fa huo None 1989-04-15
Movie Chicken and Duck Talk Unknown 1988
Movie Gui gan chuan None 1988-10-07
Movie Jian ren ben se Unknown 1988
Movie Tong tian pai dang Unknown 1988
Movie The Vampire Raiders Unknown 1988
Movie Mong gwai yee yuen Unknown 1988
Movie Zai jian ying xiong Unknown 1988
Movie How to Pick Girls Up Unknown 1988
Movie Lan du ying xiong Unknown 1987
Movie The Carnal Sutra Mat Unknown 1987
Movie Liang xiao hua nong yue Unknown 1987
Movie Fu shi feng qing hui None 1987-10-01
Movie Champion Operation Unknown 1986
Movie Liu mang ying xiong Unknown 1986
Movie Bi gui zhuo Unknown 1986
Movie Mao pai da zei Unknown 1986-03-13
Movie Magnum Thunderbolt Unknown 1985
Movie Mr. Vampire Unknown 1985
Movie Yes, Madam! Unknown 1985-11-30
Movie Chao ling chu nan None 1985-02-07
Movie Twisted Love None 1985-09-26
Movie Du zhou None 1985-04-26
Movie The Musical Singer Unknown 1985
Movie Yue yu nu tao fan Unknown 1985
Movie Tai cheung lo dau Unknown 1985
Movie Maybe It's Love None 1984-03-09
Movie Wang zi cheng chong Unknown 1984
Movie Sha tan chu geng None 1984-06-07
Movie Pom Pom Unknown 1984
Movie Nan dou guan san dou bei shao ye Unknown 1984
Movie You (Friend) Wu Jing Unknown 1984
Movie Long Road to Gallantry Unknown 1984
Movie Wo ai shen xian zhe Unknown 1984
Movie Chi gui xian Unknown 1984
Movie Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Unknown 1983
Movie Shaolin Intruders Unknown 1983
Movie Boh ngau Unknown 1983
Movie Feng kuang ba san Unknown 1983
Movie Devil Fetus Unknown 1983
Movie Man tian shen fo Unknown 1983
Movie The Lost Generation Unknown 1983
Movie Shao ye Wei Wei Unknown 1983
Movie Di yi ba jiao yi Unknown 1983
Movie Yi miao jue sheng si Unknown 1983
Movie Feng xie Unknown 1983
Movie Hong Kong, Hong Kong Unknown 1983
Movie Xiao sheng zuo fan None 1983-01-13
Movie Xiao jie dang chai None 1983-02-23
Movie The Pier Unknown 1983
Movie Gangbusters Kung-Fu None 1983-03-12
Movie An qu Unknown 1983-10-14
Movie Ba cai Lin Ya Zhen Unknown 1982
Movie Guang Dong liang zai yu Unknown 1982
Movie Chong ji 21 None 1982-09-30
Movie 2.5 CM Unknown 1982
Movie Hell Has No Boundary None 1982-06-04
Movie Dragon Strike Unknown 1982
Movie Heng sao yu dan dang None 1982-11-18
Movie Hex after Hex None 1982-06-23
Movie Rolls, Rolls, I Love You Unknown 1982
Movie Gambler and the Kung Fu Master Unknown 1981
Movie Huan le shen xian wo Unknown 1981
Movie Lao shu jie None 1981-05-15
Movie Yan shai Key None 1981-04-28
Movie Stoner Unknown 1981-03-10
Movie Fen ku lou Unknown 1981
Movie I.Q. bau pang None 1981-02-19
Movie All the Wrong Clues for the Right Solution Staff Member at Illegal Horse-Betting Centre 1981-07-23
Movie A Can chu qian None 1981-10-09
Movie Lao chen dang wang Unknown 1981
Movie Lian huan da fou fa Unknown 1981
Movie Dian ma ling hou Unknown 1981
Movie Mo deng da shi lan Unknown 1981
Movie A Can dang chai Unknown 1981
Movie Xian ren Unknown 1981
Movie Roar of the Lion Unknown 1981
Movie Hua ji shi dai Unknown 1981
Movie A Can you nan None 1981-09-04
Movie Xie dou chuan Unknown 1980
Movie Spooky Encounters Unknown 1980
Movie Xian yu fan sheng Unknown 1980
Movie A-Sir pi pao Unknown 1980
Movie Ban ye Unknown 1980
Movie Meng nu da zei sha zhen tan Unknown 1980
Movie Little Rascals of Kung Fu None 1980
Movie Huai xiao zi Unknown 1980
Movie Crazy Crooks Security Captain's Son-In-Law 1980-02-16
Movie Bu ye cheng None 1980-02-15
Movie Ma bao chuang ba guan None 1980-09-18
Movie Hard Boiled Killers None 1980-09-18
Movie She xing zui bu Unknown 1980
Movie Shi ying xiong chong ying xiong Unknown 1980
Movie Long li ji Unknown 1980
Movie A Fu yu Tu Lao Unknown 1980
Movie Killer Wears White Unknown 1980
Movie Duel of the Brave Ones Unknown 1980
Movie Fo zhang luo han quan Unknown 1980
Movie Knockabout Unknown 1979
Movie Wan Zai si tiao nu Unknown 1979
Movie Wu ming xiao zu Unknown 1979
Movie Choy Lay Fut Unknown 1979
Movie Mang quan gui shou None 1979-07-13
Movie Monk's Fight None 1979-02-17
Movie Lao shu la gui Uncle Pang 1979-06-21
Movie Zhuang ju zai yu Niu gan yan None 1979-07-27
Movie The Incredible Kung Fu Master Unknown 1979
Movie Magnificent Butcher Unknown 1979
Movie The Stowaways None 1979-05-11
Movie Poison Rose and the Bodyguard Unknown 1979
Movie Da teng Unknown 1979
Movie Xin tie cuo men shen Unknown 1979
Movie Wu zhao sheng you zhao Unknown 1979
Movie Way of the Black Dragon Unknown 1979
Movie Itchy Fingers Unknown 1979
Movie Image of Bruce Lee Unknown 1978
Movie Za ma Unknown 1978
Movie Lao hu tian ji Unknown 1978
Movie Jing wang shuang xiong None 1978
Movie Zhui gan pao tiao peng Unknown 1978
Movie Dirty Kung Fu Unknown 1978
Movie Guang gun shen tou shuang cai feng Unknown 1978
Movie Miao Jie nu qiang ren Unknown 1978
Movie Fo Shan Zan xian sheng Unknown 1978
Movie Bai fen shuang xiong None 1978-12-07
Movie Hei mu None 1978-05-25
Movie Gui ma kuang chao None 1978-04-06
Movie Kung Fu Master Named Drunk Cat None 1978-12-01
Movie The Lonely Killer Unknown 1977
Movie Yin yang xie di zi Unknown 1977
Movie Mian meng xin jing Unknown 1977
Movie You lan zai yu zhong Unknown 1977
Movie Ru ce Unknown 1977
Movie Mantis Fists and Tiger Claws of Shaolin Unknown 1977
Movie Po jie Unknown 1977
Movie Deadly Hands of Kung Fu Unknown 1977
Movie The Prodigal Son Unknown 1976
Movie Xing zuo qi qu lu Unknown 1976
Movie Fists of Fury 2 Unknown 1976
Movie Ar Niu fa da ji Unknown 1976-02-07
Movie Li Xiao Long yu wo Unknown 1976
Movie Da xiang li yu sao jie tian Unknown 1976
Movie Hua sheng san shao bo yin jie Unknown 1976
Movie Long jia jiang Unknown 1976
Movie Crossroad None 1976-07-05
Movie The Girlie Bar Unknown 1976-10-05
Movie Ban you xiao jie None 1976-10-15
Movie A Mao zheng chuan Unknown 1976-03-27
Movie The Himalayan Unknown 1976
Movie Lao hu sha xing Unknown 1976
Movie Gui ma qiao yi sheng Unknown 1976
Movie The Drug Queen Unknown 1976
Movie Ah Ngau chut juk gei Unknown 1975
Movie Tian cai yu bai chi Unknown 1975
Movie Xin ti xiao yin yuan Unknown 1975
Movie The Valiant Ones Unknown 1975
Movie Shuang xing ban yue Unknown 1975
Movie The Seven Coffins None 1975-02-16
Movie Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold Unknown 1975-07-11
Movie She nu Unknown 1975
Movie Rou pu tuan Unknown 1975
Movie Dong kai ji Unknown 1975-05-10
Movie Xin mo None 1975-01-01
Movie Tenants of Talkative Street Unknown 1974
Movie Ah Niu ru cheng ji Unknown 1974
Movie Fan mai ren kou Unknown 1974
Movie The Lovable Mr. Able Unknown 1974
Movie Kung Fu Massacre Unknown 1974
Movie The Furious Killer Unknown 1974
Movie Jue zhao Unknown 1974-05-02
Movie Dian dan che None 1974-09-20
Movie Feng kuang da ben zei Unknown 1974-08-03
Movie The Country Bumpkin in Style Unknown 1974
Movie Tiao yu fan None 1974-02-14
Movie Dragon's Teeth Unknown 1974
Movie My Darling Slaves Unknown 1974-10-23
Movie Gwai ma seung sing Unknown 1974
Movie Yi nian you meng Unknown 1974
Movie The Devil in Her None 1974-11-27
Movie Black Belt Stakeout officer 1974-01-01
Movie Japanese Connection Unknown 1973
Movie The Fate of Lee Khan Unknown 1973
Movie Hei lung Unknown 1973-02-10
Movie Tiger None 1973-03-15
Movie Tu fei Unknown 1973
Movie The Bastard Unknown 1973
Movie Small Tiger None 1973-09-06
Movie Hellfighters of the East Unknown 1972
Movie E ke Unknown 1972-02-29
Movie Tian ya ke None 1972-03-15
Movie The Lizard Unknown 1972
Movie Boxer from Shantung Unknown 1972-02-11
Movie Quan ji Unknown 1971-10-01
Movie The Anonymous Heroes Unknown 1971
Movie Ba shi zhan None 1971-11-11
Movie Duel of the Iron Fist Unknown 1971-04-21
Movie King Eagle Unknown 1971
Movie The Deadly Duo Unknown 1971
Movie Sha ji None 1970-01-15
Movie The Hammer of God Unknown 1970
Movie The Heroic Ones Unknown 1970-08-14
Movie Da luo jian xia Unknown 1970-10-24
Movie Ba bu zhui hun Unknown 1969
Movie Twelve Deadly Coins Unknown 1969
Movie Have Sword Will Travel Unknown 1969
Movie Hao xia zhuan Unknown 1969
Movie Mad Mad Mad Swords Unknown 1969-09-10
Movie The Joys and Sorrows of Youth Unknown 1969
Movie By Hook and by Crook None 1969-06-09
Movie Return of the One-Armed Swordsman Unknown 1969
Movie The Sword of Swords Unknown 1968
Movie Xiao wu yi da po tong wang zhen Unknown 1968
Movie Hak ye mau ba hoi yeung wai None 1967-03-14
Movie Qin jian en chou Unknown 1967
Movie Di yi jian None 1967-12-28
Movie Lao Fu Zi san jiu Sha Zai Ming Unknown 1966
Movie Qing zei hei mu dan Unknown 1966
Movie Tit gim jyu han seung jaap Unknown 1965
Movie Jiao wo ru he bu xiang ta Unknown 1963
Movie Xian he shen zhen xin zhuan shang ji Unknown 1962
Movie Xin ye guang bei None 1962-03-07
Movie Tai ping tian guo nu ying xiong Unknown 1961
Movie Bo li xie None 1959-08-24
Movie Nan Yang ya bo None 1958-02-05
Movie Zhu Ba Jie zhao qin Unknown 1957
Movie Dai lao Tian ding Unknown 1957